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Loyalty program

TV program. Training program. Space program. In these times there are already many programs, so it is time for us to launch our Tradesoft Loyalty Program. Fanfares, drum roll, and key to the city! But wait, what does the program include and how can I take part? What is the meaning of all this?


Our loyalty program is not only catered to reward customer loyalty as such, but also to make our beloved hobbies more and more affordable for everyone. We consider it a key value to make hobbies as affordable and accessible for everyone: it's one thing to save up to purchase something once, but another thing to have recurring costs, for example, every month.

As stated in our previous publications, we believe in the stability and predictability of prices: there is no point to support the eternal flame of constantly increasing number and extent of shopping carnivals and keep customers on an endless lookout for potential super deals. The loyalty program is therefore designed to be open and easily accessible by anyone; no need to try to earn a membership through cumulative purchases. In addition, standard benefits are always available and openly communicated.

Benefits of loyalty program:

The benefits have been further explained on this product page where you can also purchase the membership. In a nutshell, benefits include better prices for our very own Mint Airsoft bio BBs, ProTechGuns green gas and Fogtech anti-fog wipes. In addition, free shipping is available from 100 € for Matkahuolto Near parcel and Posti letter service in Finland.

Our loyalty program is in constant development and try-outs, so keep an eye out on other benefits and specials as well!

Conditions of loyalty program:

You can check the current conditions on the loyalty program product page, but here are the key points:

  • Membership is personal and requires you to register in our web shop, so that we can associate it with your customer account. This also means that by joining our loyalty program your personal details and purchase history are stored in our registry. Minors need permission by guardian to join. If you do not have an account, sign up here.
  • Membership is always valid until the end of the year stated in the product name. We adjust the price, or membership fee, around halfway through the calendar year, so that you don't have to pay the full price when joining toward the end of the year.
  • Should we encounter unpleasant surprises on the way, we might have to adjust the benefits during a given membership period. However, we intend to maintain similar benefits for members compared to average GI Joes.
  • This is a new thing for us, too, but it is our way of experimenting new opportunities and adding value to customers. Since we are first witnessing the pioneering stages of the loyalty program, we might have to make some adjustments when memberships of the following year are introduced.