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8 Fields Tornado Drop Leg Pistol Holster, OD8 Fields Tornado Drop Leg Pistol Holster, OD8 Fields Tornado Drop Leg Pistol Holster, OD8 Fields Tornado Drop Leg Pistol Holster, OD
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8 Fields Tornado Drop Leg Pistol Holster, OD

Universal drop leg holster, which is designed for medium-sized and large pistols. The adjustments also allow gun equipped with a silencer and/or lamp to fit in the holster.
For example the Glock 17, M1911, P22x, CZ75, Hi-Capas, USP, MK23 and Desert Eagle fit in the holster.

The size of the holster can be adjusted with flaps that attach with Velcro. The thigh holster is open at the top, and at the bottom the Velcro flap which is protecting the barrel, can be folded out of the way for a silencer. The gun is held in place in the holster with a flap with snap fastening, which can be adjusted according to the size of the gun. Additionally, a Velcro securing flap can be placed on top of the rapidly opening snap fastener, and if more security is desired, an elastic band with a retention strap will certainly keep the gun in its holster during any activity! The front side of the holster has a pocket with a flap cover, where a normal size/long magazine or a BB loader fits in.

The holster is attached to the thigh with two adjustable straps. One end of the easily opened plastic clips is attached to the holster with an elastic band, which facilitates fastening the holster to the thigh, and improves user comfort. The belt strap is adjustable and it has a similar plastic clip for quick unfastening and mounting. The two-piece belt loop can be opened, so that it can be attached to both sides of the belt loop on pants, or, alternatively, to the PALS loops of a combat belt/vest.

The holster is also available in other colors/patterns: Link

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