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CYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700ACYMA M40A5, CM700A
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CYMA M40A5, CM700A

The CYMA M40A5 doesn’t leave you hanging and eliminates your opponents in every location.

The gun feels sturdy and functional from the moment you first pick it up. The strength of the materials is on point, although this can be felt as a higher total weight as well. The gun weighs about a kilogram more than an average bolt action gun. The muzzle velocity is worth mentioning: you don’t need to upgrade your gun anytime soon! Note, however, that a gun with this kind of muzzle velocity is not suited for short distances. That is why we highly recommend you check out our pistols if you don’t yet have a proper gun for close quarters.

The gun is equipped with a respectable number of features:

  • Stock length can be adjusted with spacers
  • Rail system attached to front – actual rail is on top and right side of the gun.
  • Adjustable cheek pad
  • Four QD sling attachment points, two on both sides
  • Sling mount/bi-pod attachment in the hand guard
  • 14mm CCW threads under the muzzle device
  • The grip and hand guard are designed to provide traction.

About compatibilities

Even though the gun seems very different, it is actually surprisingly compatible with other manufacturers' parts:

  • AirsoftPro 90 degree VSR-10 piston works in the gun.
  • The Action Army and AirsoftPro trigger group assemblies can be modified to work in this gun. Both require modifying the trigger guard. In the Action Army assembly, you also need to modify the spring guide stopper.
  • From the L96 series hop-up units at least that of AirsoftPro can be modified to fit. The modification requires you to drill holes.
  • The gun uses AEG barrels. Also, the hop-up bucking is AEG standard.
  • The magazine is unique. Although, we’ve heard rumors on airsoft forums online that by modifying the L96 magazines you can make them fit inside.

Role model

The M40 model rifle has been used initially by the US Marine Corps' snipers since the 1960s. The A5 model came into use during 2009. The M40A5 iteration added threads to barrel, so that Surefire muzzle device and silencer can be attached. In addition rail system was attached to provide mounting point for night vision devices.

Each gun individually tested by us:

The functionality of all our guns is tested and the muzzle velocity measured before shipping. The velocity is measured with a 0.20 g BB and the final muzzle velocity is calculated from the average of five (5) shots. In fact, the muzzle velocities you see in our online shop are approximations reported by the supplier or manufacturer. Thus, the actual muzzle velocity of your gun may differ from the approximation upwards or downwards. However, we always mark the final muzzle velocity on the maintenance and user manual provided with the gun.

Name: CYMA M40A5, CM700A
Product code: CM700A
Manufacturer: CYMA
Color: OD, black, grey
Muzzle energy: 2.56 J
Muzzle velocity: 160 m/s
Body/receiver: Fiberplastic, metal
Magazine size and type: 35, standard
Gearbox: -
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blowback: -
Gun length: 1131-1174 mm
Barrel length: 445 mm
Weight: 3770 g
Power source: Spring
Compatible battery/gas type: -
Motor: -
Fire modes: Single shot
Package contents: Gun, magazine
Supplier product code: CM700A

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