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G&G Mechanical Drum Magazine for M4/M16 Series (2300 Rounds)G&G Mechanical Drum Magazine for M4/M16 Series (2300 Rounds)G&G Mechanical Drum Magazine for M4/M16 Series (2300 Rounds)
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G&G Mechanical Drum Magazine for M4/M16 Series (2300 Rounds)

The word mechanical in this instance means that the magazine doesn’t have an electric winding mechanism. That means that the fighter has to wind the magazine themselves. Fortunately, that is really easy: almost the whole front part is one big gear for winding the magazine. Very fast and easy to use even with gloves on. The magazine is filled through a small trap door on the side of the mag on the part that enters the gun. The latch opens wide, so it is very easy to pour the BBs in.

The magazine is manufactured out of fiber plastic. The structure overall is very sturdy, but thanks to the light material the magazines weighs only half a kilo when empty! When attached the base stretches four centimeters lower than a standard STANAG magazine.

About the compatibilities

According to our tests the drum feeds on the following guns:

The following guns are not compatible:

  • WE 888 series

Real-cap, low-cap, mid-cap and hi-cap – what do these mean?

The ending “cap” comes from the word capacity. The prefixes tell how big the capacity is.

Real-cap, low-cap and mid-cap magazines all have the same design relating to the power that releases the BBs from the magazine. Each of them has a spring inside that compresses when loading the magazine and thus pushes the BBs out of the magazine, when the locking lug at the top of the magazine is pulled aside. A hi-cap magazine, on the other hand, has a more complex mechanism, with gears and a coil spring.

NB! Check out the basic instruction videos on magazine use from Tradetech.

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