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Templar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger Green
23,90 €

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Templar's Gear FAST Single Magazine Pouch for One Rifle Mag, Ranger Green

Templar’s Gear version of the modern and fast magazine pouch is excellent. Sturdy, fast and reliable pouch that is not expensive. So light and so fast that it almost hurts!

Unbearable FASTness of lightness

Templar has been able to lighten the moderately heavy TACO model by moving from the traditional sewn webbing to laser cut. Thanks to the structure, the pouch is compatible with almost every assault rifle caliber magazine. SIG and G36 magazines slide in even without removing the side lugs, although by removing them the job goes a lot faster. P-90 and Bizon magazines fit into the pouch, but they stick out a lot. When attached, the pouch takes up two rows horizontally and two rows vertically from the PALS matrix. But note that the lower edge of the pouch reaches a couple of centimeters below the lowest attachment row.


  • Hard sides. Excellent help with AK magazines – the locking lug doesn’t snag on the side of the pouch anymore!
  • Tightness can be adjusted with cord locks. Because of the self-tightening structure loops don’t catch extra along them.
  • Flexible structure makes sure that if magazine is bended outwards from the pouch, the pouch only follows the motion without breaking.
  • 2 × 2 PALS matrix in front
  • The insides are coated with rubber so there is no shortage of friction. By loosening the tightenings the rubber surface creates less friction.
  • Drainage hole in the bottom.
  • Combat-ready: no need for attaching clips or inserts!

Technical specifications:

  • Manufactured from 500 denier Cordura
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Outer measurements about 8.5 × 12 × 2.5 cm. The measurements are very approximate: the pouch widens and thickens when you put in bigger magazines.

Quantity discount – Buy more for better price!

1-2 pouches 23.90 €/pc.

3- pouches 21.90 €/pc.

Templar’s Gear – laser cut quality

Templar’s Gear represents the renaissance of European military gear manufacturers that began in the 21st century. American manufacturers dominated the tactical gear market for a long time, but the Old World was not yet ready to throw in the towel. In this continuum, Templar’s Gear represents the leading edge of high-quality, modern and well-designed gear. The defining characteristic of the company is that their products are manufactured using laser cutting and 500 denier Cordura, which makes the products a lot lighter without compromising reliability. Special attention has been paid to quality control in Templar’s pouches and gear, because a significant portion of the company’s customers are officials, whose safety and well-being might depend on the gear. The materials used by Templar’s Gear are IRR protected, so the user won’t glow in the night vision devices like a Ukrainian firefighter.

Cooperation - Yhteistyö - Współpraca

Templar's Gear products are delivered to us straight from the factory in Poland. This means that our product selection is updated to the latest and greatest generation almost in real time as replenishments are ordered. Thanks to the close cooperation and our frequent orders, we also have a chance to forward feedback and new ideas to the respective designers. If you as a user have any ideas for product development, we are happy to share them with Templar's Gear.

Extended two-year warranty

Templar’s Gear products are granted a two-year warranty. In more concrete manner this means that for example products sold this spring will have warranty for two action packed seasons of airsoft, shooting or whatever you decide to do with them.

The warranty covers all problems that might arise from defective materials or poor craftsmanship. Carelessness or misuse voids the warranty.

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