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Battery Ram 11.1V 2000mAh (30/50C) LiPo Crane Type Battery, Deans ConnectorBattery Ram 11.1V 2000mAh (30/50C) LiPo Crane Type Battery, Deans Connector
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Battery Ram 11.1V 2000mAh (30/50C) LiPo Crane Type Battery, Deans Connector

Battery Ram – Power Your Game

The Battery Ram LiPo, Li-Ion, and NiMH type batteries are a mix of power and intelligence, because they have been produced in close cooperation with the manufacturer to be just the right fit for airsoft guns. Battery Ram was born out of our desire to give the airsoft community a battery with a “player-to-player” principle. We are extremely proud of these batteries, because their price-quality ratio makes them, if not the best battery on the market, at least one of the them.

The Battery Ram batteries were released on the glorious hundredth anniversary of Finland’s independence 2017 (Li-Ions in 2020), so the colors of the batteries are blue and white as in the Finnish flag. These colors also represent the battery type: in NiMH type batteries the shrink wrap is blue and in lithium type batteries it is white. So turn on the Finlandia hymn and start shopping!

Check out Battery Ram’s official website:

Six months of warranty

The Battery Ram products are always granted a six-month warranty. In practice this means that if your battery breaks within six months from the date of purchase, we either fix it or replace it. You should note, however, that in long-term use the batteries wear like any other product, so a heavily used battery might necessarily not be broken, even if it does not deliver as new. The warranty does not cover normal wear or misuse.

Does your gun have a Tamiya mini or an unknown battery connector?

Tamiya connectors have traditionally been used in airsoft guns and batteries, even though their electrical conductivity is often not enough in constant use. On the contrary, the Deans plug, or T connector, is the most common energy efficient connector type for airsoft guns, as it provides much better conductivity compared to Tamiya connectors.

When you are purchasing a battery or airsoft gun, you always need to make sure to have a compatible connector on both ends. Depending on your situation, you have a few options to choose from:

A) Install a Deans connector to your gun and use batteries with Deans T plugs (most energy efficient): We offer installation services at fixed prices for electric guns (AEGs) purchased from us and other sources.

B) Get a compatible battery adapter (Deans male -> Tamiya mini female) between the battery and gun: If your gun has a Tamiya mini connector and you have Deans batteries, you can connect them with a separate battery adapter. This way you also keep it easy for yourself to switch to the more energy efficient Deans connectors in the future.

Note! When purchasing a Battery Ram Deans battery from us, we offer a compatible Deans-Tamiya mini battery adapter for a special bundle price - make sure to order the special bundle package on our web shop to redeem the offer!

C) Install a Tamiya mini connector to your battery: You may also install a compatible Tamiya mini female connector to your battery to avoid using a separate battery adapter. However, in this case you will need to replace all Tamiya connectors on your gun and batteries, if you later decide to start using Deans connectors instead. We provide installation services for Tamiya mini connectors at the same price as their Deans counterparts, for both batteries and guns. We will add cost of installation to your order manually and charge you separately after the work is done.

Note! If you purchase batteries or guns with and without installation in the same order, please remember to specify the products requiring installation services in the additional order comments. The installation may postpone the delivery time by one working day.

Battery usage and safety manual as a PDF

Capacity: 2000 mAh
Cells and voltage: 3 (11.1 V)
Discharge rate (constant/burst): 30/50 C
Discharge current (constant/burst): 60/100 A
Charge rate: Recommended 0.5-1.0 C
Length A (per cell): 125 mm
Height B (per cell): 11 mm
Width C (per cell): 20 mm
Weight: 150 g

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