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AirsoftPro Nickel Coated Steel Cylinder Upgrade Set for L96 Series, Well MB-01/04/05/08AirsoftPro Nickel Coated Steel Cylinder Upgrade Set for L96 Series, Well MB-01/04/05/08AirsoftPro Nickel Coated Steel Cylinder Upgrade Set for L96 Series, Well MB-01/04/05/08
94,90 €

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Temporarily out of stock

AirsoftPro Nickel Coated Steel Cylinder Upgrade Set for L96 Series, Well MB-01/04/05/08

The AirsoftPro full upgrade set with a nickel cylinder is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution with which you can get robust performance for your L96 series gun. The parts are manufactured with care and they fit together seamlessly when you buy the upgrade parts as a set. In addition, installing them is easy, because the upgrade parts in the set have been pre-installed into the cylinder. The upgrade set equipped with nickel coated cylinder also looks really nice and the smooth nickel surface improves the sliding of the cylinder in the receiver and also reduces the piston’s friction in the cylinder.

On top of the full upgrade set we recommend you to get the AirsoftPro trigger group assembly for L96 series.


  • The nickel coated steel cylinder is a lot sturdier than a stock cylinder and it can also withstand heavier upgrade springs.
  • The steel cylinder head is equipped with padding, which both suppresses the firing sound and increases the lifetime of the piston.
  • The hybrid piston is an upgrade part that has been manufactured out of three different metals and designed with care. It sits firmly in the cylinder, but still moves smoothly. The steel sear withstands the wear caused by the trigger group assembly’s piston sear well. The inner diameter of the piston is 13.3 mm, so springs whose outer diameter is smaller than that work perfectly with this piston.
  • The steel spring guide with bearings conforms to the spring’s movements when loading. In addition, the 9 mm spring guide also withstands the heavier upgrade springs.
  • A high-quality upgrade spring gives your gun an even performance in the power level of your choosing.
  • Well MB-01/-04/05/08 (L96 Warrior)
  • APS 2/EX, Type 96

Not compatible with AGM MP001/002, Jing Gong BAR-10, Marui AWS, Well MA4401/02 etc. guns.

AirsoftPro as a manufacturer:

AirsoftPro is a Czech airsoft business and manufacturer, who for years has developed specifically customized upgrade parts for airsoft guns. Initially AirsoftPro designed parts for the spring powered SVD, but it has since expanded its product range also to electric airsoft guns. In addition, the 90 degree trigger group assemblies for sniper rifles are the undisputed flagship product for AirsoftPro.

Most of AirsoftPro’s top products are CNC machined, which guarantees an accurate, high-quality finish. AirsoftPro also strives to develop their products according to customer reviews, which shows real interest towards the airsoft business.

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