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GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)Kuvassa taakse johdotettu Titan.GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)
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GATE TITAN™ V2 Advanced Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Front Wired)

Gate TITAN™ - super MOSFET with all features you can dream of

TITAN™ Drop-in MOSFET/microcontroller unit will raise your gun's performance to the next level! The advantages of the traditional MOSFET are small compared to what TITAN™ does to your gun. The unit doesn't have any microswitches, rather they have been replaced with altogether eight optical sensors. The optical sensors are not subject to mechanical strain, which means they're basically eternal. A pretty big deal if TITAN™ is compared to other microcontrollers, like ASCU!

TITAN™ is GATE's first so called "Drop-in" MOSFET/microcontroller unit that replaces the trigger switch. Thanks to the optical sensors it's a completely new kind of unit, that we haven't seen on the market yet. In addition, it offers basically every feature that have been thought to add to these units. Easy to install, easy to program, diverse features and even with a 24-month warranty!

TITAN™ is compatible with almost every version 2 gearbox. The front wired TITAN™ has been designed for M4A1 and similar ones, in which all the wires are pulled in the front of the gearbox to the hand guard. The length of the wires from the unit to the battery is around 57 cm. Between the QD flat connectors and main unit is around 20 cm of wire.

Check out the short introduction video of the TITAN™!


  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Adjustable active brake
  • 6 different configurations for the firing modes
  • Adjustable burst
  • Optional semi-only configuration
  • Monitoring of the internals - no jamming
  • Adjustable pre-cocking
  • Rate of fire adjustment (two different ways)
  • Adjustable sniper delay
  • Smart trigger
  • Two stage trigger (so called "AUG mode")
  • Versatile battery protection features
  • Smart fuse
  • Self-testing
  • Easily programmable


  • 8 optical sensors - no mechanically worn microswitches
  • Replaces the whole trigger switch assembly - no wearing parts
  • Firmware that can be updated with a USB-Link/Blu-Link
  • Programmable with a tactical programming card or with a USB-Link/Blu-Link on PC and phone
  • Voltage range for batteries 7.2V –- 14.8V (absolute minimum and maximum 3V - 17V)
  • Excellent compatibility also with "short-stroked" and DSG gears
  • Easy to install - so called "Drop-in" installation to the most general V2 gearbox brands
  • Smart fuse and other protective features
  • AlphaWire 16AWG EcoWire wires with Deans connector

The package includes:

  • GATE TITAN™ Drop-in unit with wiring
  • USB-Link (for programming and updating the modules. NB! USB-Link isn't compatible with iOS devices yet!)
  • Extra Deans female connector
  • USB cables (Micro-USB, USB-C and USB-A)
  • Motor connectors and other necessary parts for installation
  • A quick guide for getting started

MOSFET unit that replaces the trigger switch assembly

The original purpose of the MOSFET unit is to protect the electric gun's trigger switch from sparks and wearing that the electricity going through it might cause. TITAN™ replaces the whole trigger switch, so the problems due to wearing, like poor performance of the gun or contact interference will not arise!

Optical sensors

Unlike in many microcontroller units, the TITAN has no mechanical microswitches, but they are replaced with optical sensors. Simply stated, TITAN has no mechanical parts, which means no parts that could wear out! The optical sensors also allow you to adjust the trigger sensitivity on the fly.

The TITAN™ also monitors the sector gears movements with the sensors. Thanks to this it always knows when a shot has occurred and knows when to stop the gears. This means that the gun can't get "semi-stuck" which can happen if the gun has a normal trigger switch. 

Adjustable features

The microcontroller and the optical sensors allow for a number of adjustable features and even some, that can't be found in other microcontroller units!

  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity - the unit follows the trigger with five sensors. The user can choose how short of a pull is needed, for the gun to fire!
  • Rate of fire adjustment - You can use a 11.1V LiPo/Li-Ion battery in your gun and the ROF is still moderate or exactly the same as in a firearm. The ROF adjustment can be carried out either with a PWM or by adding a small pause between the shots. The PWM conserves the internals more, whereas the pauses make the shots more realistic.
  • 6 different configurations for firing modes - Safe-semi-auto, safe-semi-semi, safe-semi-burst, safe-burst-auto, safe-semi-burst/auto and safe/semi-burst-auto
  • Adjustable burst - thanks to the optical sensors you can directly adjust how many shots the gun fires (2-10 shots)
  • The option of "semi-only" configuration - it is easy to make the gun semi-only without any mechanical modifications
  • Monitoring of the internals - no semi-jamming and the gears always completes a full cycle
  • Adjustable pre-cocking - Pre-cocks the piston, which means that the shot happens faster. In the AUTO mode the pre-cocking always happens after the shot, in the SMART mode a short trigger pull pre-cocks the piston and a fast one fires.
  • Adjustable Sniper Delay - A delay between the shots mimics reloading time, when you can't shoot with the gun (0.5-3 sec)
  • Smart trigger - the first shot is always shot as fast as possible despite the adjusted ROF.
  • Two stage trigger (so called "AUG mode") - short trigger pull shoot semi-auto fire and a long one full auto fire.
  • Adaptable active brake - With its sensors the TITAN recognizes when the gears should be stopped and adjusts the braking accordingly.
  • Diverse battery protection features - Protects lithium batteries from depleting. Under voltage protection for different battery types (2.7V, 2.9V, 3.2V or 3.4V.)
  • Smart fuse - TITAN monitors the voltage, the current and the temperature of the unit, which protects the unit itself and the whole gearbox from short circuiting, overloading and overheating.
  • Self-testing - TITAN monitors possible operational failures and records them to easily readable barcodes, which help in diagnosing the fault.
  • Easily programmable - the settings and features can be adjusted in the field with a USB-Link/Blu-Link and your phone or with a programming card or from home with a PC using a USB-Link.
  • Upgradable software - thanks to the USB-Link/Blu-Link the TITAN can be updated. GATE is continually working to develop their MOSFETs.


GATE Electronics is a Polish company which made its debut on the airsoft market in 2008. Their goal is to provide high-tech electronics for airsoft players worldwide. GATE’s product range consists of MOSFET circuits for all kinds of uses, whether you want a MOSFET which only works as a MOSFET or a MOSFET circuit where almost everything is programmable. The GATE products are easy to install and reliable in use. The products are thoroughly tested and the company listens closely to feedback from end users to uphold the quality of their products.

24-month warranty

GATE MOSFETs have an extended 24-month warranty. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that come up in normal use. The warranty does not cover any fault that is caused by a faulty installation or misuse, like one caused by too high a voltage. You have to use a separate fuse, which protects the MOSFET from short circuits especially with more powerful LiPo batteries, when using NanoASR, -AAB and PicoAAB MOSFETs or SSR series MOSFETs which do not have an electronic fuse. The use of a separate fuse in other MOSFETs is recommended. You will find installation instructions on GATE's website or in Tradetech

Check the complete GATE collection here!

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