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Alpha Wire Black EcoWire® Wire 16AWG (1.30 mm²), 1 Meter
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Alpha Wire Black EcoWire® Wire 16AWG (1.30 mm²), 1 Meter

EcoWireeeeee! Smaller, lighter, more eco and so on, which means that it is excellent in all respects if not the best electric wire you can put into your gun!

AlphaWire’s super wire is a very popular if not the most popular wire among tuners because, thanks to mPPE insulation, it is a lot thinner in terms of total diameter than most other similar electric wires. Compared to a PVC wire, the mPPE wire is up to 45 % thinner and, for example, compared to Turnigy’s 16 AWG silicone wire, EcoWire® is about 1 mm thinner, which is already half of the thickness of the EcoWire® itself! In addition, EcoWire® is ecofriendly, like it says in the name, which means that its insulation doesn’t contain halogens and it is made from recyclable material.

mPPE is a nice insulation because it is, like PVC, harder than silicone, which means that it can handle more pressure and sharp blows. In addition, the amount of fibers in the conductor is smallish (26 × 30 AWG) which means that the wire will hold its form relatively well after it has been bent to it. Thus, the 16 AWG EcoWire® is an excellent choice for both stock and heavily upgraded guns and especially for cramped installations!

By the way, the BlackTalon Concepts (BTC) super MOSFETs Chimera and Spectre use 16 AWG AlphaWire.

AWG versus mm²

AWG, or American Wire Gauge, is an American standard for the cross-sectional area of electric conductors, meaning their sizes. According to the traditional imperial system of measurements, AWG is as twisted because a smaller AWG value means a larger size of a conductor! In the metric system of measurements, the size of a conductor is reported as a cross-sectional area, as square millimeters (mm²) which is a bit more logical. The cross-sectional area defines directly how much current can go through a wire before it is damaged or the insulation starts to melt.


  • Material of the conductor: Copper, tinned
  • Crosscut of the conductor: 1.30 mm² (or 16 AWG)
  • Insulation material: mPPE (modified polypropylene ether)
  • Wire thickness with the insulation: 2.06 mm
  • Color of the insulation: Black
  • Temperature range: -40°C to + 105°C

Sold by the meter: when ordering more than one you most likely receive one long piece of wire. Since the product is cut according to the customer's request, there is no return right.

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