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ASG Smart Charger and Balancer for LiFe/LiPo/Li-Ion BatteriesASG Smart Charger and Balancer for LiFe/LiPo/Li-Ion BatteriesASG Smart Charger and Balancer for LiFe/LiPo/Li-Ion Batteries
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ASG Smart Charger and Balancer for LiFe/LiPo/Li-Ion Batteries

ASG charger and balancer is a smart charger meant for LiPo, Li-Ion and LiFe batteries and it charges all 2, 3 and also 4 cell batteries safely. The user-friendly charger can easily be adjusted according to the battery type and desired charging current. Charging is also very simple – just plug in the charger, connect the battery to the charger and voilà!

The charger is suitable for LiPo/Li-Ion (7.4 V, 11.1 V and 14.8 V) and LiFe batteries (6.6 V, 9.9 V and 13.2 V). The charger charges the batteries automatically and stops the charging, like a proper smart charger should. The charging will stop when the battery is full (voltage 4.20 V per cell with LiPo/Li-Ion setting). The charger shows the state of the charging with three LEDs. The LEDs also show eventual malfunctions like the battery being too empty or if there is too big difference in voltage between the cells.

  • Adjustable charging current – 1A, 2A or 3A – a fast charging time also with large batteries
  • Compatible with LiPo, Li-Ion and LiFe batteries with 2-4 cells
  • Automatic cell balancing during charging
  • Automatic stopping of the charging when the charging is ready
  • Tamiya mini connector as the charger’s charging connector, balancing connector JST-XH (found in most LiPo/Li-Ion and LiFe batteries)
  • Charging power of the charger 20W. For a 4 cell battery, this means a maximum of about 1.4A charging current.

Recommendations for charging currents
It is good to choose the charging current according to the capacity of the battery. With too low a charging current, the duration of the charging gets longer, but a too high current shortens the lifespan of the battery. Normally, a suitable charging current for LiPo and Li-Ion batteries is 0.5-1C, in other words 0.5-1A for 1000mAh battery and 1-2A for 2000mAh battery.

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