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Cytac Hard Adjustable Holster with Paddle Platform for Beretta M92Cytac Hard Adjustable Holster with Paddle Platform for Beretta M92Cytac Hard Adjustable Holster with Paddle Platform for Beretta M92Cytac Hard Adjustable Holster with Paddle Platform for Beretta M92
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Cytac Hard Adjustable Holster with Paddle Platform for Beretta M92

This hard shell holster equipped with a quick detach mechanism is ideal for airsoft as well as law enforcement and military use. Good protection against hits, superb fit, 360-degree adjustment and easy usability are clear advantages of this Cytac paddle holster.

Made of a durable black polymer mix, the holster protects your gun against blows, prevents accidental shots, and also covers the magazine release, so that you wouldn’t accidentally drop the magazine from the gun when crawling. The holster is designed according to the gun, and its advantage is its excellent fit and thus an incredibly quick and easy pulling out and holstering.

The holsters are equipped with a quick detach mechanism similar to that in the SERPA and IMI holsters. The release works with a convenient spring-loaded lever on the side of the holster, and it automatically locks the gun when holstered. The pull out is done by pressing the lever with your index finger and pulling out your gun. The lock keeps the gun in place in every position, and does not let it fall from the holster even by accident.

The holster is supplied with a plastic paddle attachment system, which you can easily attach to either a belt or the waist of your trousers. The maximum thickness of the belt is the standard 1.75” (~45 mm). The attachment is shaped so that it fits the user’s body better. The inner side of the attachment is lined with a soft silicone mix that keeps the holster in place also when pulling out the gun.


You can rotate Cytac and Amomax holsters 360 degrees on the base to suit your needs. The fastening point between the holster and the base is easy by aligning the small teeth – the angle of the holster can be adjusted with steps of about 9°. This allows different draw and carrying positions (gun on your belt, behind your back, in the vest, crossdraw etc.). The fastening is familiar from IMI Defense retention roto holsters. We have also tested that the IMI, Cytac and Amomax holsters and bases are compatible with each other!

Cytac as a Manufacturer

Cytac is a company which mostly makes accessories for police forces. The company is located in Shenzhen, a bit north of Hong Kong. Cytac manufactures e.g. hard gun cases, pistol and magazine holsters and other accessories made of high-quality polymer. Based on our experience and the feedback from customers, we can truly recommend these for everyone, both for shooting on the range and for rougher action!

Cytac vs. Amomax

Both brands are surprisingly from the same manufacturer, but the holsters do differ! Amomax holsters follow the exterior of older first- and second-generation Cytac holsters but the differences certainly don’t end there:

Cytac Amomax
Raw material: PA6 PP (Polypropylene)
Intended use: MIL/LEO Casual (airsoft, sport shooting)
Paddle platform: Rubberized paddle Unrubberized paddle

Cytac and Amomax holsters are compatible with the same 360 adjustable accessories. Both raw materials are sturdy stuff but PA6 is the same material used to manufacture e.g. the best cable ties.



Brand Model
Beretta92, 92FS, GSG92, PAMAS

Airsoft replicas

M92FS* (spring powered)
KJ Works
M92F*, M9*, M9A1* (railed version, tight fit)
Tokyo Marui
M92*, M9A1* (railed version, tight fit)

Tested weapons are marked with (*).

G&G Berettas don't fit this holster. Berettas are famous for their little relaxed standards on outer dimensions so holster might fit many other models too.

If you find the holster compatible with other gun models, please let us know!

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