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Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)
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Alta Soft Knee Pads, Black (AltaLOK Quick Release)

Alta is one of the most famous companies producing protective devices for e.g. military use. Fortunately, its fame cannot be solely attributed to successful marketing, but behind it lies the result of hard work in design, experience and quality. In airsoft, Alta is especially known for its AltaFLEX knee pads.

The base idea behind the Soft Knee Pads is a lightweight and well-fitting knee protection that is comfortable to use even for longer periods of time.

The Soft knee pads have been designed using time-proven solutions, such as the easily realised AltaLOK quick release with a wide adjustment range, neoprene padding that retain their shape, and the use of durable cordura outer fabric. The frame consists of three separate pads. This way the protection adapts to the movements of the knee and stays in place better. The lack of a hard shell protection makes the pad fit better different shapes of legs. For the same reason, and thanks to the light weight, the knee pads are very suitable for forest terrain!

The neatness of the AltaLok quick-release lies in its adjustment. The straps are adjusted without tiers, and there is a slight serration in the buckle to keep the straps from loosening by themselves. The fastening is done by using the same buckle, which is attached to a metal toggle in the pad. This way, the adjustments of the straps are retained during each use, as opposed to straps with a Velcro-type fastening.

The upper strap of the Contour is made of an elastic material which lets it neatly tighten around the thigh, securing the pad in place. The lower strap is made of a firmer material that prevents stretching, keeping it from dragging down the pad while on the move, instead keeping it neatly secured against the knee. In addition, the straps are equipped with Alta Strapkeeper System to secure excess straps.

The weight of one knee pad is approximately 100 g.

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