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ECS-painaja, 10mmECS-kontaktipala ja -painaja, 10mmTradesoft Flat Hop ECS Nub, 10mmPoikittaisnäkymä suorasta nystyrästä ja pyöreämmästä ECS-kontaktipalastaHop up -tyypit ja kokonaisuudet sivusta
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Tradesoft Flat Hop ECS Nub, 10mm

What flat hop?

Flat hop represents an innovative thinking in creating the spin of the BB, which is simply based on a longer contact surface between the BB and the hop-up bucking. The term flat hop is usually used in reference to the hop-up bucking, from which the nub that gives the BB its spin has been filed smooth. Thus we achieve aforementioned longer contact surface.

ECS aka Extended Contact Surface

The benefits of the longer contact surface can be maximized by using a compatible ECS contact patch and a tensioner. A properly installed Flat hop is, at its best, consisted of three separate parts, of which each one differs from the standard hop-up solutions in airsoft guns.

Get to know the different hop-up types and builds from the product images!

Why is the longer contact surface better?

Accuracy: longer contact surface offers a more even spin, which has a smaller variation between the shots. Small variables, like the unevenness of the BBs and the tightness of the gun affect less than when using a standard hop-up bucking. The accuracy means an increase to the more effective range. Often the maximum range of the gun also increases due to the longer contact surface, especially when used with a special contact patch.

Thanks to the longer contact surface, the nub that gives the spin to the BB doesn’t have to go so deep into the barrel when adjusting the hop-up. In other words, the obstacle (ECS contact patch) pushed into the barrel creates the spin more along the natural direction of the propagation of the BB, unlike the standard hop-up buckings, in which the nub touches the round on a shorter distance, if you look it from the side. Thus, the trajectory of the BB inside the barrel stays as straight as possible. This also reduces its wobbling inside the barrel and during flight. This also attributes to better accuracy and longer range.

The longer contact surface and the smaller obstacle in the barrel also increase the tolerance towards the BB quality variations. This means that the respective quality variations of the BBs affect the gun’s accuracy less.

ECS nub

The ECS nub is an especially designed spare part for the ECS contact patch, which is a useful purchase along with a modified, without nubs, Flat hop, when you’re after a more accurate and smooth performance from your gun. Unlike the traditional hop-up tensioners, the ECS nub is, at its best, as long as the contact patch and installed to a hop-up lever, that has been modified more even. In addition, the contact surfaces of the ECS nub are smooth, whereas the more traditional nub is like a round cylinder.

The ECS nub can be used with a ECS contact patch and Flat hop or just with the Flat hop. Of these the configuration with the separately installed ECS contact patch is better, because the contact patch wears less in use and its shape is better for the BB. The purpose of the ECS nub in both cases is to press the hop-up bucking (and ECS contact patch) along the whole window, which maximizes the spin. In other words, the hop needs to be adjusted as little as possible, so that it gives a sufficient spin for the BB.

The nub’s other benefit is its soft material, compared to the standard and many other Flat hops. The nub gives in a little when the BB travels under the ECS contact patch, which increases the tolerance for the variations of the BBs' surface quality, as well as improves the wear resistance.

About the installation

While installing the ECS nub, you should file the traditional U-shaped protrusions smooth from the hop-up lever, so that the nub can be installed to the lever. The length of the nub should also be modified to match the window of the barrel, so that the whole nub fits through it. The width should be adjusted according to the hop-up lever’s width, so that the nub and the lever can move freely when adjusting the hop. When the size of the ECS nub is suitable, you can glue the nub to the smooth, filed side of the lever, so that the nub sets right against the hop-up bucking when adjusting it.

Note! Some chambers might require filing the front of the chamber, so that the nub that is glued to the hop-up lever fits in its place in the hop-up chamber. So make sure that the hop-up is adjustable before assembling the gun.

The measurements of the ECS nub are 4×10 mm and it is suitable for use with 10 mm long ECS contact patch. For shorter windows we recommend a 6 mm nub.

Ask about the custom-sized patches, if you require an even longer ECS contact patch!

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Tradesoft Flat Hop ECS Contact Patch, 10mm

Tradesoft Flat Hop ECS Contact Patch, 10mm

6,90 €

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