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Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Bucking for AEG Barrels, 80Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Bucking for AEG Barrels, 80Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Bucking for AEG Barrels, 80
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Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Bucking for AEG Barrels, 80

The Maple Leaf Macaron hop-up buckings are an upgraded and improved generation (Gen. II), which continue in the footsteps of the popular Monster buckings (Gen. I). An proven concept was upgraded to give even better air seal and be more effective. In addition, the buckings of different degrees can be easily distinguished by color!

Maple Leaf Macaron – optimal nub shape

The nub on the Macaron buckings is long and curved like in modern buckings, thanks to which its contact with the BB is even. The long, even contact improves the uniformity of the backspin, which improves accuracy and in some cases even the range! On top of that, the nub has been shaped a little like a V. Thanks to the optimized shape, the nub delivers the most accurate shot with a good range. We recommend that you use Maple Leaf’s own curved nub with the bucking or a similar nub.

In addition to the shaped nub, the specialty of the Maple Leaf buckings are the outside ridges, which improve airtightness.

The degrees of the buckings

The degrees of the hop-up buckings mark their compatibility with guns of different muzzle energies or power levels. In general, you could say: the more powerful the gun, the higher the degree. The manufacturer recommends choosing the degree of your bucking as follows:

Degree and color Recommended power range
50 – Green Less than 110 m/s (1.2 J)
60 – Yellow 90-120 m/s (0.8-1.5 J)
70 – Blue 110-140 m/s (1.2-2 J)
75 – Red 130-150 m/s (1.7-2.25 J)
80 – Black over 150 m/s (2.25 J)

According to the experiences of our customers and us, the 60 and 70 degree buckings are suitable for electric guns firing full-auto at around 1.6 – 1.7 J, whereas 70 or 75 degree buckings are well suited for more powerful semi-automatic guns. In cold conditions a softer bucking might work better.

The compatibility of the bucking

The Maple Leaf Macaron hop-up bucking is compatible with electric guns made with Tokyo Marui standards. Note, however, that the nub of the bucking is shaped a bit different, which means that the hop-up window of the inner barrel should be at least the size of the nub, which is around 4 mm or longer.

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