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SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3
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SHS 12:1 Steel Gear Set, Gen. 3

SHS as a manufacturer:

SHS is a airsoft manufacturer from Hong Kong that manufactures upgrade parts particularly for electric airsoft guns. The product range is continuously updated and SHS’s older products are also continuously upgraded.

SHS is recognized as one of the best names in the airsoft market in upgrades and for example the gears, pistons and motors are used by even experienced airsoft mechanics. On top of this, the unbeatable quality-price ratio is undoubtedly the top in airsoft, which works as a clear competitive edge for SHS.

About the product:

SHS 12:1 upgrade gears are the fastest “stock gears” (not DSG) on the market. So if you want your gun to have a fast rate of fire without diving into the Dual Sector Gear world, we recommend these!

Gen. 3 SHS gears have been improved e.g. with the design of axles, which increases the gears' individual and common durability and ensures more quiet and even running for your gearbox.

You’ll recognize the new generation of gears from two markings on the gears:
1) Letter combination “SHS” in a curved box
2) Gear ratio in a curved box

The markings can only be found in spur and sector gears! The sharp-eyed will notice the reinforcements in the teeth (e.g. bevel gear’s smaller teeth are thicker) and other structural changes compared to previous generations. In addition, the newest SHS gears have a black oxidized surface.

Note! The new generation SHS gears are often incorrectly referred to as fourth generation in e.g. airsoft forums. This is based on the bevel gear’s structural changes, which according to SHS, do not mark the generation of the gears.

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