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AirsoftPro Hybrid Piston for L96 series (MB-01/04/05/06/...)AirsoftPro Hybrid Piston for L96 series (MB-01/04/05/06/...)AirsoftPro Hybrid Piston for L96 series (MB-01/04/05/06/...)AirsoftPro Hybrid Piston for L96 series (MB-01/04/05/06/...)
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AirsoftPro Hybrid Piston for L96 series (MB-01/04/05/06/...)

AirsoftPro hybrid piston is made from three different materials which together make the piston a light and durable upgrade part. The end, which is made of stainless steel, endures wear even with stronger upgrade parts. Thus, the slam fire problem (= piston slipping over the sear), often encountered in sniper rifles, cannot happen. The best integrity is achieved with a steel sear and mechanism, to minimize the wear and tear of the parts!

Thanks to the spacer, which is made from polyacetal, the friction caused by the cylinder is as small as possible, so the piston can glide freely especially on an oiled surface. Thanks to the aluminum body, the total weight of the piston is very small, and in this way, it is possible to get the most power out of the spring.


  • The inner diameter of the piston is 13.4 mm – compatible with the more effective tuning springs which have an inner diameter of 9 mm!
  • The outer diameter 19.8 mm – keep an eye on the number when choosing a cylinder.
  • Total length 116 mm

The piston is compatible with at least the following gun models:

  • Well MB01 (Warrior L96)
  • Well MB04
  • Well MB05
  • Well MB06 (APS SR-2, ASG Urban Sniper)
  • Well MB08 (AW 338 L96)
  • Well MB13
  • Well MB14
  • E&C L96
  • Maruzen APS 2, EX
  • Maruzen Type 96
  • SAG L96
  • Snow Wolf M24
  • Snow Wolf M99
  • Specna Arms L96

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