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Lonex Reinforced Piston, 10 Steel Teeth (Blue)Lonex Reinforced Piston, 10 Steel Teeth (Blue)Lonex Reinforced Piston, 10 Steel Teeth (Blue)
25,90 €

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Lonex Reinforced Piston, 10 Steel Teeth (Blue)

Very durable and high-quality, fiber-reinforced nylon piston is compatible with almost any upgrade or stock build! The teeth that are reinforced from the sides, thick first tooth, completely removed second tooth and strict quality control are good reasons for this piston to be as popular as it is.

As a material the reinforced nylon fiber, along with polyacetal (POM), is one of the best options for piston material, because it endures the strain put on it by the gearbox very well, is relatively light and cheap to manufacture. It is a vastly better option than the polycarbonate (PC) pistons, because the PC isn’t as flexible and starts to crack under constant strain.

Weight around 18 g
Material is fiber-reinforced nylon (glass-fiber nylon)
For really high muzzle velocities and Rates of Fire we recommend pistons that are fully equipped with steel teeth.

Lonex – Taiwanese quality

Lonex has become known from its high-quality upgrade parts on the airsoft market and the manufacturer has become famous with its excellent M4/M16 series guns. Lonex hop-up buckings, neodymium motors and cylinder sets are some of the most popular upgrade parts. You can trust that the Lonex parts work because one of the company’s cornerstones is its excellent quality assurance!

BTW We work in close co-operation with Lonex, which means that through us you will find the newest Lonex guns and upgrade parts and you can order practically anything that Lonex has to offer!

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