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Sorbothane Damping Pad 70D with Protective Cover (4.76mm: 21mm)Paksuus 4,76mmVertailu 3,18mm ja 4,76mmVertailu 3,18mm ja 4,76mmKohtauskulmien (AOE) ero (huono/hyvä)Mäntää muokattu ja sorbo-pala asennettuNailoniset aluslevyt ja asennettu sorbo vertailussa
4,90 €

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Sorbothane Damping Pad 70D with Protective Cover (4.76mm: 21mm)

Sorbothane, which is originally British, is a damping material which is made of synthetic polyurethane which is used, for example, in industry or even in airsoft.

The material is very multi-functional in airsoft guns and it is used by many professional tuners in their high-power builds. Depending on the internals of the gun, "Sorbo" either replaces or completes the damping material of the cylinder head and installation should, therefore, be planned individually for each gun.

For installation, you need:

  • A Sorbothane damping pad 70D (3.80 mm; 21 mm), 70D (4.76 mm; 21 mm) or 70D (6.35 mm; 21 mm)
  • Protective rubber, for example, heat-shrink tubing to be installed over the Sorbo (included)
  • Superglue which is durable enough (Loctite…)

Choose the damping material thickness to suit your needs. In electric guns, the purpose of the product is

  1. To fix the Angle of Engagement (AoE) between the piston teeth and sector gear teeth
  2. To reinforce especially the front part of the gearbox to avoid the cracking of the gearbox in result of high impact from the piston/piston head
  3. Dampen the noise from the piston head when the gun fires

Note! Sorbothane is mainly delivered as an unmodified 21 mm circular piece because the final form needed depends on the model of the cylinder head. Thus, we recommend that you modify the piece to fit your own gun according to the cylinder head you use.

Diameter: 21 mm
Thickness: 4.76 mm

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