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About Us

Tradesoft 10 years!

The beginning. (2011-13)

Sauna varastona
Tradesoft was officially founded in 2011, even though the name was originally used for a practice business of a high school course. Pictured is one of Tradesoft's first storage spaces: the sauna of a residential apartment.
Ensimmäinen verkkokauppa
Even though Tradesoft was founded to primarily serve as a web shop, the first months relied on home and event based sales. The web shop was opened on 18th November 2011 at 5:44 Finnish time (yes, it was recorded). Pictured is the layout of our first web shop.
Ensimmäinen verkkokauppatilaus
All orders and logistics were initially managed with the help of a very loyal Mazda 323F, carrying hundreds of kilograms of airsoft BBs etc. in one go. Here is one of our first orders and the only one to be photographed; funnily one of the very few that became undelivered due to unknown reasons.

The first physical walk-in store (2013-14)

Ensimmäinen liiketila avajaiset
Our first walk-in store on Yliopistonkatu 5, 20100 Turku, Finland - probably the most efficient 30 square meters ever used. The store had its grand opening on 24th July 2013 and was pretty much a second home for the entrepreneur Thomas (in photo).
Ensimmäinen liiketila sisältä
The inside of our first walk-in store. Since there was little floor space and overall volume, we were quickly forced to optimize the warehousing, display of goods and placement of work stations, as the first employees began to work regular hours simultaneously.
Turun Sanomat lehtijuttu
In 2013, Tradesoft entered a more serious world of business when it was registered as a limited liability company. During the first years the CEO Thomas also made business trips to Southeast Asia and Central Europe to negotiate with potential business partners. The local newspaper Turun Sanomat also published an article about the travels and passion of Thomas on 19th August 2013 (pictured).

Relocating to new bigger premises (2014-16)

Toinen liiketila
The following year we moved to a more spacious location on the other side of the street. In the photo can be seen our planning process where we used our extensive stock of Lonex replicas to our advantage, since they were a suitable size to estimate the length of to-be furnishing.
Tradetech-julkaisu tapahtumassa
When more members joined our team we began to participate in an increasing number of events. We were also constantly developing new ideas to not only grow our business but to help the airsoft community: the photo shows the launch event of our airsoft database Tradetech that was created to assist players and other enthusiasts in tuning and maintenance, or when looking for inspiration.
Henkilökunnan LANit
The new premises not only served our customers and staff as a work space, but also provided a great location and opportunity for after-work activities. It became the place of some memorable festivities and even a LAN party for our team.

Our brands, product development and future (2017-)

TSTOS Minttu ja Bram
The year 2017 followed with some exciting product launches of our first large-scale brands: Battery Ram (batteries and accessories) and Mint Airsoft (BBs). Of course, we had to share the news not only online but in person, which resulted in the massive product launch at TSTOS 17 airsoft event in Finland.
Puola Templar
Our first brands sparked a tremendous interest in more extensive projects and product development. Therefore, it was not long before we were already discussing our next big project with Templar's Gear from Poland when we set out to launch the world's largest commercial collection of tactical gear in the Finnish M05 camouflage. The photo shows us with guys from TG in Poland. Overall, these years mark important steps in communicating our values; which was and is manifested in our decision to stop selling plastic BBs altogether.
Ekat Hakot
Next, we took up on a completely different kind of journey when we decided to design our proprietary combat clothing in the Finnish M05 camouflage - something that seemed very natural to us after a very successful launch covering a wide range of gear in the same camouflage. The brand Hako carries a lot of meaning for us and Finland due to which we found it very suitable for our proprietary combat pants and shirt. We also started hosting a Finnish website for second-hand airsoft-related items on

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