Get a Ukrainian support flag! Profit to Ukraine.
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Follow suit!

On Thursday 24th February 2022 Russia invaded the independent Ukraine. Tradesoft condemns the actions of the Russian government and strives to support the Ukrainian people in dire need. We show our support by launching Ukraine support patches whose profit will be donated to Ukraine. The flag is a clear, visible and non-verbal statement on your clothes and accessories. The flag is currently available in three sizes and two different types of fastening - more on this in the product description.

We want to clarify that we do not have any intentions to make a profit or achieve other financial gain from the sales of the Ukrainian support flags. Instead, Tradesoft seeks to provide an alternative to support the Ukrainian people in the form of a concrete visible support patch, simultaneously, enabling a more centralized financial support to Ukraine. A few euros may seem like petty cash, but every single euro and some hope is the least we can give our fellow Ukrainians. A drop in the sea, perhaps. But what else is an ocean but a multitude of drops.

If the flag is not something you are looking for, you may also purchase the flag for someone else and simply make a difference financially. Of course, you may also donate directly to Ukraine or support its people in other ways. Our intentions are nonetheless in line.

Tradesoft has also stopped shipping goods to Russia since last Thursday. This is to underline where we stand: we are against the war, not the Russian people.

Tradesoft actively follows the situation and hopes that the war will be over soon. Our thoughts are with those suffering in the areas of conflict.

Слава Україні!

Glory to Ukraine!

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